Todd Clinics supports your health and wellbeing by providing facilities for chiropractic and natural health practitioners to work together in the one facility so that they can collaborate to provide you with patient centered care. Founded by Chiropractors Dr. Wayne and Dr. Angela Todd, Todd Clinics is a passionate and family-oriented group of high-quality chiropractic and natural health practices throughout Victoria.


Todd Clinics is a Chiropractic & Wellness Group where results are our priority. Our philosophy is to provide a place where patients trust our practitioners, achieve desired results, feel heard and are inspired to be the best version of themselves. 


We see patients across all stages of the lifespan (from babies, children, pregnant women to the elderly). Our passion is to gently support our patients to reach their health goals, through a holistic and balanced approach and a focus on the patients physical, chemical and emotional health. 

Our patients range from tradesman, office-workers, athletes, elderly, families, students, children and babies. We have specific techniques to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable treatment for the client. This includes gentle / low-force treatments as well as manual manipulations and soft tissue treatment. Whether you’re in pain, have sustained an injury, have a specific goal in mind or simply would like to feel your best- Todd Clinics is the place for you.


At Todd Clinics we frequently see clients experiencing the following conditions. 

→ Headaches

→ Neck pain

→ Low back pain

→ Sciatica

→ Knee pain

→ Shoulder pain

→ Plantar fasciitis

→ Tennis elbow

→ Rotator cuff tendinopathies

→ Poor posture


Although we do see patients who are in pain, you don’t need to be in pain to see a Todd Clinic practitioner. Many of our clients simply want to function optimally and feel their best.

Some patients have a goal in mind such as a run/sports event and would like to focus on mobility and strength for example. In addition to this, many of our patients simply experience the amazing benefits of Chiropractic and appreciate the feeling of being well adjusted, balanced and mobile.


Our practitioners consist of Chiropractors, Myotherapists and Rehab Specialists and if necessary, they use a multi-modal and collaborative approach to achieve optimum results for the patient. We walk the talk! A healthy lifestyle being something that comes natural to us. We pride ourselves on constantly learning new research and techniques to provide the best possible experience and results for our patients.