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How are Chiropractors educated?

In Australia, Chiropractors are highly qualified healthcare professionals who study for a minimum of five years and are government regulated and registered. Like all other registered healthcare providers, chiropractors adhere to National Law and profession specific codes of conduct and guidelines. Chiropractors share a common tertiary education pathway with osteopaths and physiotherapists. Their education involves …

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PAEDS, Plagiocephaly + Bed Wetting

The conditions under surveillance by PAEDS are acute flaccid paralysis, intussusception, varicella and herpes zoster, pertussis, febrile seizures, influenza, acute childhood encephalitis, invasive meningococcal disease, invasive group A streptococcus, Kawasaki disease and gram-negative bloodstream infections.  PLAGIOCEPHALY Plagiocephaly is a very common craniofacial (skull and face) problem, where the head shape is uneven or asymmetric. It can also …

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6 Ways to Improve your Reflux + Indigestion in Pregnancy

If you have indigestion in the early stage of your pregnancy, this may be caused by changes in your hormone levels. In the second or third trimester, indigestion becomes more common and may be caused by your baby pushing up against your stomach. Certain chiropractic adjustments may help ease the burden of reflux. Dr. Sophie’s …

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