Can Chiropractic Care Help with Osteoarthritis?

Experiencing Osteoarthritis? Here’s why painkillers aren’t the only answer and why Chiropractic may be able to help…

Osteoarthritis in basic terms is wear and tear of your joints. It is something that is inevitable as we age.

However, Osteoarthritis (aka wear and tear) will happen far quicker if you are putting extra stress on your joints due to poor posture, improper joint mobility, tight muscles and repetitive movements.

The most common areas we see Osteoarthritis is the base of the neck, low back and base of the thumb.

So here’s the thing…the Osteoarthritis of your joints is NOT what is causing you pain. This means painkillers (ie. PanadolOsteo) are just a bandaid. What is most likely causing you pain is the muscles around the area that tighten up as they are overworked/fatigued and are trying to protect your weakened spine. So instead of continually putting a band-aid over the problem…try Chiropractic.

So how may your Chiropractor help?

  • Initial thorough examination and potential imaging/scans to assess the health of your spine and how significant the osteoarthritis is. This will determine whether we can help with Chiropractic Care or whether you need to be referred elsewhere.
  • Chiropractic adjustments -Improves mobility which helps your joints to function as they should- rather than wearing down prematurely. It also helps reduce muscle tension and pain associated with Osteoarthritis.
  • Assessment of your posture- which is a common cause of Osteoarthritis. (particularly in the low back and base of the neck)
  • Prescription of simple strengthening exercises to do at home to take pressure off your spine and joints.
  • Prescription of stretches to lengthen tight and fatigued muscles
  • Advice on pillows, beds, desk posture, driving posture and more

Book a consult to get a comprehensive assessment of your entire health picture and a holistic, personalised plan to decrease your pain levels (if any) and improve your overall health, function and well-being.