Clinic Location: Sale

Dr. Natasha Campbell

Dr. Natasha Campbell graduated from RMIT University, completing a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic before quickly returning to Gippsland to rejoin the community where she was born and raised. Dr. Tash has a strong passion for helping others achieve complete wellbeing by addressing physical, chemical and emotional factors in their …

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Dr. Loughlin Brown

Dr. Loughlin Brown is excited to educate and enhance the lives of patients through chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise. Dr. Loughlin is passionate about helping others, which sees him active in the community as a volunteer lifesaver where he was inspired to be a chiropractor following his involvement in the rescue and spinal management of …

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Dr. Monique Lawless

Dr. Monique Lawless was born and raised in Sale, and has been working with the Todd Chiropractic team since 2014. She has a special interest in neuro-developmental paediatrics, injury prevention and sympathetic dominance. She has a young family and is passionate about helping other young families in our community reach their health potential.

Dr. Kaiti Williams

Dr. Kaiti Williams enjoys working with families and children of all ages, providing care to pregnant mothers throughout all stages of pregnancy and the post-natal period. Dr. Kaiti is able to tailor care to suit the individual, using techniques such as manual therapy, drop piece, SOT and Activator. Dr. Kaiti has also completed the SD …

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Brad Trease

Dr. Brad Trease

Dr. Brad Trease has been in practice for twenty years in both Australia and Singapore. He graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Australia (RMIT) in 2000 with a double degree of Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science) and a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science. Upon completion of his studies, Dr. Brad worked for 2 years …

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Angela Todd

Dr. Angela Todd

Dr. Angela Todd (chiropractor) has a special interest and Post Graduate training in the care of infants and children with a Post Graduate Diploma in chiropractic paediatrics from RMIT and a Diplomate in Chiropractic Neuro-developmental Paediatrics. She has also completed a Masters in Biomedical Science Research (Part 1) as well as several years of PhD …

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Dr. Wayne Todd

Dr. Wayne Todd graduated from RMIT University in 1988 with the prize for clinical excellence in his final year and was also awarded a meritorious service award from the Victorian Chiropractic Association of Australia (CAA) in 2015, in recognition for his service to the profession. Since then, Dr. Wayne Todd has maintained a passionate enthusiasm …

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