This varies patient to patient. Your Todd Clinics practitioner will tailor a care plan to achieve the best result for you. Like choosing to go to the gym regularly, having your teeth checked or your hair cut regularly, how often you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you. Once your symptoms are under control and your spine has been stabilised you will become eligible to join the Preferred Member Platform.

Many of our patients choose to join the Preferred Member Platform where they can have a regular monthly checkup at a considerable discount to our regular fee and where appointment times are reserved ahead of time for them.

NEW (1ST visit) - $96

ROF/extended(2nd visit) - $82
standard (repeat visits) - $61
wellness rate (individual care plan) - $56
family rate (family care plan) - $53 (3+ family members)


initial/extended 1HR - $90
standard (repeat visits) (30 mins) - $50

sports/neuro REHAB
concussion (60mins) - $110
Neuro (75 mins) - $110
strength conditioning (45 mins) - $80
Follow up appointment (30 mins) - $60

For more information on sports/neuro appointment types please get in touch with our clinics here.

Our Practitioners undertake a five-year university degree and many have additional training in a variety of techniques that can be modified for the safety and comfort of their patients.

Todd Clinic chiropractors have been trained at to treat children from newborns to early adulthood. We use evidence-based techniques which are modified for the safety and comfort of your child.


Published Research carried out by researcher and chiropractor Dr. Angela Todd, has shown that chiropractic, physiotherapy, manual medicine and osteopathy all carry a very rare but material risk (1). To minimise risks, our chiropractors perform a thorough history and examination of a child before beginning any care.

Our techniques include light massage, gentle stretching, cranial therapy and the use of a special instrument to apply a very low and specific impulse to restore normal spinal motion


Rehabilitation specialist