Client laying on exercise ball stretching arms overhead

We advise investing in a fit ball as early in the pregnancy as possible.
Keep your fit ball somewhere you can see to remind you to use it.

🤰Getting setup🤰
First up..
Check your alignment-When you sit on the ball your feet flat should be flat on the floor, legs almost at 90 degree angle and hips slightly higher than your knees. Your pelvis, shoulders and head should be vertically stacked. Gently draw in your ribs, sit tall and check your shoulders are aligned over your hips.

Size of ball- If you are on the shorter side try 55CM, if you are medium height try 65CM and if you are tall try 75CM ball.

Proper inflation- it’s not just about the size. If your ball is squashed down too much when you sit on it (making your knees higher than your hips) this can strain your back and hip flexors plus and exercises you do on the ball won’t be as effective

🤰Why do we advise using a fitball?🤰
•Can be used as an alternative to your desk chair or when watching TV at night to maintain proper posture.
•May alleviate discomfort in your spine, hips and lower back.
•Opens hip joints which can be beneficial for labour.
•Encourages your hips above your knees which may be beneficial for babies position.(Rather then being in a recliner chair or slouching back on the couch which is advised to be avoided if possible-particularly in third trimester)
•Helps mobilise your pelvis (See below for mobilisation exercises) Rather than sitting on hard chair or couch with less give
•It can also be used positively in labour to support mum being active in different positions that feel comfortable.

🤰 Safe fit ball mobilisation exercises🤰
•Sitting on the ball and rocking your pelvis from side to side and front to back. When you do this, try to keep your shoulders still so the movement comes from your waist and below.
•Rotating your hips clockwise then anti-clockwise.
•Leaning over your ball from a kneeling position, then rocking your hips forward and back.


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