Experiencing jaw pain? It is actually more common than you may think!

Here’s what may cause jaw pain:

• Poor posture (forward head carriage). When our head is carried too far forward it locks up our TMJ (jaw joint). Over time the muscles attaching into the jaw aren’t functioning properly and this causes dysfunction or pain.

• Anxiety may cause teeth grinding, face clenching or generalised tightness in your shoulders and neck

• A visit to the dentist or surgery (Keeping your mouth open for an extended amount of time.

How may your Chiropractor help:

Firstly! It depends on the cause of your jaw pain. However it may look something like this:

• Focus on proper posture. Reducing forward head carriage will help reduce TMJ (jaw) tension and help to open up the joint. This is done through awareness, adjustments, stretches and strengthening.

• Full body adjustments to ensure you are mobile and balanced. This helps every part of your body work how it should and reduces muscular tension.

• Internal cranial adjustments. We have many muscles inside our mouth that effect the movement of our jaw. Your Chiropractor may perform gentle internal adjustments inside your mouth which may help release your jaw.

• Co-management with Myotherapist/Remedial Massage Therapist to reduce muscular tension

• Magnesium to help relax your muscles

• Extra lifestyle advice ie: sleeping positions and pillow recommendations, desk setup and stress management.

‌A life without jaw pain is possible…. It’s time to speak to your Todd Clinics Chiropractor to learn more!