Do you or someone you know have a wired or unsettled baby?

A wired baby may look like

• Excessive crying
• Digestive issues
• Sleep difficulties
• Feeding issues
• Overly sensitive

These issues may come from the gut or the brain stem.

The brain stem is a part of our brain that controls our sleep/wake cycles, nerves controlling breathe/suck/swallow as well as calming and settling.

How can we try settle a wired baby?

• Gentle Chiropractic care modified to suit the age of your child (We use the same pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. Very gentle)

• Exercises to help calm the brain stem and therefore promote a calmer baby

• Firm swaddling to help decrease babies moro/startle reflex. Babies usually have this reflex until 3/4 months and this reflex may wake the baby up.

• Settling on a ball or walking with baby held upright

• Decrease sensory input (light and sound)

• Decrease patting on thoracic spine (mid back), aim to pat over babies bottom/low back

• Parent support: How are the parents nervous systems? We recommend parents being adjusted also to help support their nervous system. Deep breathing, meditation, spending time in nature and finding support.

• Helping to organise co-management with other care providers ie: lactation consultant, paediatrician etc.

If you have further questions about Chiropractic care for your baby please call or book into your closest Todd Clinics location.