Is Lower Back Pain Linked to Digestive Issues?

Why does my low back ache and tighten up when I have digestive issues? Could one be effecting the other?

Sometimes we see things in practice over and over again so it would be rude not to share with you on how we may help.

Low back pain or muscle tightness with associated digestive issues is VERY common and sometimes when we address the physical symptoms of low back dysfunction and tight muscles it may help your digestion.

Have you ever noticed that when you are constipated or experiencing digestive issues that you’re low back, pelvis and hips may also be feeling achy, painful or tight? It’s similar to when you have gastro with associated low back pain.

Why is this?

  • The same nerves that supply your bowel and bladder also supply the joints and muscles of your low back/pelvis/hips- so if there is some disruption to your digestive system you may notice dysfunction to these muscles and joints too.
  • When you are constipated or experiencing digestive issues sometimes going to the toilet causes straining of your low back, pelvic floor and core muscles and after a period of time the muscles become fatigued and tight.

What can you do?

  • Finding the cause of your digestive issues is important. Your Chiropractor may be able to help you with this
  • A Chiropractic adjustment will help improve the mobility of your low back, pelvis and hips which may help reduce muscle tightness. This muscle tightness may have been caused by your digestive issues but it may also be exacerbating the issues
  • Massage or Myotherapy to help release your muscles
  • Breathe deeply, raise your knees higher than your hips (put your feet on a stool) when using the bathroom and try not to strain
  • Drink plenty of water

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