Is your face mask causing you pain?

Female patient Head Massage

Two days into mandatory face masks in public for Victoria and we have already noticed a rise in these complaints with patients. If your face mask is causing you pain please read on..

💥Our top tips to help with this💥
•Whilst we always recommend a properly fitted face mask, we suggest ensuring your mask isn’t too tight around your ears. This will place extra strain on your TMJ (jaw joint) and the muscles attaching into your jaw. If these muscles are strained you may feel tight in your jaw, cheek, gums, scalp and temples.
•Focus on proper posture. If you have forward head carriage this only places extra pressure on your neck and jaw. Be mindful with mobile phone use and desk posture that you’re maintaining proper posture. (Chin tucked, shoulders back and away from your ears)
•Ask our practitioners about the posture pole device. A great tool for home to help open up your chest and release the muscles around your shoulders, neck and jaw.
•Get adjusted by a Chiropractor to help increase mobility of your joints and release muscle tension.
•Massage release with particular focus on shoulders, neck and facial muscles
•Enjoy a hot shower or bath with magnesium salts
•Focus on lowering your shoulders from your ears, release your tongue from the roof of your mouth and practice some deep breathing
[4 seconds inhale through nose …7 seconds exhale through nose and repeat as many times as you need].


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