remedial massage - hands massaging upper arm

Remedial massage is a therapy used to improve pain and problems associated with damaged, tense or tight muscles, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues.

An issue with a muscle can actually lead to pain in other parts of the body. Remedial massage works to identify the root cause of the pain and to treat both the main issue as well as secondary symptoms and pain.

While there are many types of massage therapies, remedial massage specifically aims to improve and restore function to the body by stimulating blood supply, repairing tissues, and improving joint mobility. Remedial massage can actually help speed up the body’s natural healing response.

It can be used as a treatment to improve issues and conditions such as:

– neck, shoulder or back pain
– abdominal pain
– headaches
– sports or other injuries
– arthritis
– chronic pain
– muscle cramps
– fatigue
– anxiety or depression
– fibromyalgia
– muscular atrophy
– frozen shoulder
– sciatica 

Remedial massage can also be useful in:

– injury prevention
– treatment for the side effects of cancer and diabetes

– addiction rehabilitation


When you see a remedial massage therapist you can first expect to receive a thorough assessment of your entire health picture. This includes a comprehensive, personalised and tailored treatment plan to help decrease your pain levels and improve your overall health, function and well-being.


Throughout treatment, remedial massage therapists will use a range of different techniques to relieve tightness in muscles and repair tissues including stretch parts of the body and using firm or gentle pressure to restore balance in the relevant muscles and tendons throughout the body. 

You’ll be asked to lay on a comfortable treatment table and towels or loose clothing will be used to maintain privacy and comfort during the treatment.

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