Dr. Carmen Tracy

Carmen Tracy

Dr. Carmen originally comes from South Gippsland and was adjusted at Todd Clinics growing up, so she is excited to return to practice where her interest in Chiropractic began. Being regularly adjusted as a child sparked her interest in the profession after seeing the positive impact it had on her health and wellbeing. Dr. Carmen knew that she wanted to become a Chiropractor and help others to be healthy and happy in the same way.

Dr. Carmen uses manual, drop piece, blocking and activator techniques to support patients in optimising their nervous system function to achieve greater health and wellness. Dr. Carmen values health as her top priority and loves empowering others to improve their lifestyle choices to create happier and healthier lives.

When Dr. Carmen isn’t practicing as a Chiropractor you will find her in the kitchen baking, out walking in nature, or going to Pilates or the gym with friends.


• Tuesday 9am-12pm
• Wednesday 9am-12pm & 2pm-6pm
• Thursday 9am-12pm
• Friday 9am-12pm

Dr Carmen is looking forward to working alongside our Morwell team to help the patients improve their health.