Dr. Anthea Todd

Dr. Anthea Todd

Clinically Anthea has a special interest in supporting women throughout their life with their changing health, from; fertility and period issues, menopause, pregnancy and more, she enjoys looking after people of all ages.

Dr. Anthea completed her Chiropractic degree RMIT in 2017 and has completed a further Masters in Women’s Health Medicine from University of New South Wales. She is currently in the process of completing her Masters in Reproductive Medicine.

Anthea is well adept as seeing patients with chronic and acute issues and is available for regular chiropractic appointments as well as specialised Integrative Women’s Health Appointments. She loves to help educate and inspire women of all ages on how to ‘Be More You’. She also has further education resources through her online business ‘The State Of Me (TSOM)’.

She is also the Daughter of Dr Wayne Todd, the author of ‘SD Protocol’ and as such, as travelled around Australia helping to train practitioners in the SD Protocol.