Dr Curtis Stephens

Dr. Curtis was first adjusted at Todd Clinics when he was 2 days old! Born prematurely to parents who value regular chiropractic care, Curtis has grown up experiencing the positive impact of chiropractic on his health. Dr. Curtis is thrilled to be seeing clients at Leongatha, returning to Gippsland, having grown up in Port Welshpool.

Dr. Curtis is especially interested in how the nervous system and our emotions contribute to the neuroplasticity of our brains, affecting our responses to pain. Dr Curtis is keen to support patients towards wellness, using techniques such as manual therapy, drop piece, SOT and Activator. Dr Curtis enjoys getting to know his patients’ special needs, finding purpose in helping people of all ages discover health resilience. Knowing the value chiropractic has brought to his own life, he is especially passionate about working with individuals and families, empowering them to make healthy, achievable lifestyle choices.

As the home-educated child of a family who spent years volunteering in remote communities, Dr Curtis is very comfortable in the country. Curtis is a keen sportsman, playing elite level hockey and cricket, but is equally content on the golf course or fishing from his kayak.