Dr Megan Hudson

Dr Megan Hudson is a graduate from RMIT university, she is passionate about improving function through holistic care and tailored management. Megan has experience in treating sports related injuries as a graduate from the RMIT Sport Academy, her management includes rehab plans to promote long-term recovery with a particular focus on concussion management. She also has experience in treating conditions that cause low back pain, neck pain as well as conditions that affect the upper and lower extremities.

She uses an evidence bases approach to chiropractic care to improve all aspects of overall heath and wellbeing. Her approach to care is multimodal and is focused on the patient’s needs. Dr Megan uses treatment techniques such as Diversified, drop piece, activator, blocks, mobilisation, and rehab management to provide holistic care tailored to suit the patient’s presentation.

Dr Megan is excited to utilise her skill and knowledge to help you on your health journey.