Dr. Sophie Todd (Director)

Dr. Sophie Todd

Dr. Sophie Todd grew up in Geelong where she then moved to Melbourne to study at RMIT University in Bundoora for 5 years. She is so thrilled to be back with her husband (and also Chiropractor) living in Geelong and serving the community where she grew up at Todd Clinics, Belmont.

Sophie has spent the best part of 10 years studying and learning. She has completed extra study in Pregnancy care , Antenatal nutrition, Women’s Health as well as Paediatrics.

She sees patients of ALL ages and has a special interest in babies, children and antenatal patients. Her antenatal care involves holistic Chiropractic Care which includes Chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, exercises/stretching relative to each trimester, lifestyle advice as well as helping her patients connect with practitioners in the region should they need. Including Lactation Consultants, Women’s Health Physios, Midwives and psychologists.

Sophie cares deeply for her patients and their goals. She uses a common sense approach to healthcare by listening to the patients needs and creating a tailored plan to achieve results.

Sophie commonly sees patients with headaches, neck-pain, low back pain,  pelvic pain, poor sleep, pain with running/exercise, sciatica, digestive issues and patients who simply want to thrive and feel their best.