Dr. Wayne Todd (Director)

Dr. Wayne Todd graduated from RMIT University in 1988 with the prize for clinical excellence in his final year and was also awarded a meritorious service award from the Victorian Chiropractic Association of Australia (CAA) in 2015, in recognition for his service to the profession.

Since then, Dr. Wayne Todd has maintained a passionate enthusiasm for his field with over 33 years of clinical practice. He has completed a range of postgraduate courses including a two-year functional neurology diplomate programme, this makes him one of only a small number of Australian Chiropractors with this training.

Throughout his career, Wayne discovered a disturbing trend with how demanding or stressful lifestyles can activate the survival mechanism in the brain. He researched and discovered undeniable similarities with the symptoms of the people who stay in this zone for extended periods of time and have uncovered some simple steps that can bring you back to health, writing an easy to follow book – The SD Protocol, to which has sold over 15,000 copies!