Sienna Mihaly

Sienna underwent a 3 year degree in Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition) at Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne. Sienna is passionate about educating and empowering her clients to make small, yet sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle that yield powerful results! Understanding our own body and what different symptoms mean for us is key to optimising health now and in the future. Sienna is fascinated by the human body and how targeted nutrients can be used to transform our physical, emotional and mental health.

Working holistically, Sienna considers all the factors in her client’s lives that may be contributing to their current state of health. By addressing the root cause of their concerns, Sienna not only resolves symptoms but provides the knowledge and tools for client’s to take an active part in their health. With so much confusing health and nutrition information available to us, Sienna helps her clients to navigate and understand this information, and apply it to their individual health goals.

Her areas of interest include optimising energy & sleep, gut health, skin health, mental health conditions including stress and anxiety, and weight management.

When Sienna is not working with clients, she enjoys going to pilates, walks on the beach with her partner and puppy, reading and trying out new recipes for her family and friends to enjoy.